Less Wasting Towels

Rarely does a random internet video so markedly change my daily habits. No wishy-washy philosophizing here: this is straight-up being intentional with how you use paper towels, and it’s so downright simple and effective that it’s strange to consider there was once a time when I’d use more than one paper towel after a trip to a public restroom.

Just as automatic doors and escalators can be excess conveniences, so too can be the paper towels provided for “free” at restrooms. But just because they’re “free” doesn’t mean you should use more than you need. 99% of the time you only need one, and if you don’t believe me then give it a try and see for yourself. The only time I find myself taking more than one paper towel these days is after an hour-long DDR session where I’m dripping with sweat and by the time I’ve washed and toweled my hands and arms once they’re already covered in sweat again, so I take a second towel to mop up that excess. Even then, though, I know that if I simply spend a little time cooling down before I go wash up then that sweat issue will probably go away and one towel will do the trick as expected.

I know I said no philosophizing this time, but on some level I feel there is a strong connection between conservation and minimalism: using less encourages (or even forces) you to be more intentional with resources at hand, and a major aspect of minimalism is being more intentional with what you have and what you bring into your life. Using just a single paper towel on the way out of a public restroom is such a simple way to exercise this intentionality. What other no-brainer intentionalities can you identify in your life?